Daymark Productions is prepared to offer a wide range of entertainment management and productions services. 


  • The Vision.  Working with a client to understand the target audience and specific needs of a project, the creative team at Daymark Productions will develop a clear vision  and a plan to turn possibility into reality.
  • The Script.  Daymark is able to develop a working script and musical charts, or it can work with the client’s text or that of a third party.
  • The Production Team.  Based on the needs of the project and the client’s budget, Daymark will assemble a production team of artists and performers from its ever-growing nationwide database.
  • The Magic.  Casting, costumes, scenic elements, lighting, sound, and rehearsals flow together under Daymark’s careful direction.  The sum of many people’s talents far exceeds the individual parts, and the written page is transformed into a magical experience that grabs the minds and emotions of audience members.
  • The Bottom Line.  Art is wonderful, but financial success is not so bad, either.  Throughout the planning and development process, Daymark provides fiscally responsible management of the project and reports regularly to the client on all aspects of production.
  • The Follow Through.  If desired by the client, Daymark Productions will continue to manage the project and provide expert supervision of all operations.


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